Thursday, 1 June 2017

What I Read...May 2017

Well, my initial plan of reviewing everything I read on here went awry. I read too much for that to be even slightly feasible. So here's what I read in May:

Doing It 

Loved this one and reviewed it in full here

The Heart Collector 

An amazing collection, which I reviewed here.

 How Not To Disappear

This is the story of Hattie and her great Aunt Gloria. They meet for the first time after Gloria is diagnosed with dementia, they go on a trip together and discover each other's secrets. This is a lovely story of discovery, family and friendships. It is well-written and heart-warning. There's a brilliant twist, which I guessed quite early, but knowing what it was didn't detract from my enjoyment at all.

The Graces

Having chosen two books in a row that I gave up on, I was pleased that this was the next book I picked up. I reviewed it in full here.

Strange the Dreamer

I've had this one since release day. It's as gorgeous inside as it is out. I didn't think Laini Taylor could beat the amazing Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, but Strange the Dreamer surpasses it. It's one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. A tale of gods, people and dreamers. If you haven't read it yet, you must.

 A Monster Calls

I've had this on my kindle for a ridiculously long time but had been putting off reading it because I'd heard it had broken stronger women than I. I decided now was the time for Patrick Ness to come at me and shatter my swinging-brick heart. He did not disappoint. I devoured this one in two sittings and then just stared into space for a while. It is the story of Connor, his mother (who is dying of cancer) and a monster who comes walking to save Connor from his nightmares. I don't recommend doing as I did and watching the film (which Patrick Ness wrote for) the day after finishing the book, unless you want to be reduced to a puddle of tears.

The Power

What would happen if the world were taken over by women with the power of electricity in their veins? This story tells of the rise of that power amongst young girls and what happens when they realise what they can do with it. It is a fantastic and chilling story, one that stays with you long after you finish it.

Books I Gave Up On

I've only recently started giving up on books I don't enjoy (I may write more about this in future). In May there were two:

Fates and Furies

Was it me? Was it the book? I don't know, but I couldn't finish it and bowed out after 100 pages. I wanted to love it. I loved the premise and I loved the descriptive writing. I just didn't love either of the main characters. I didn't hate them either, I just didn't care about them, and when I feel that way, I know I won't be interested enough to finish the story.

House of Windows

I made it to page 154 of this. I just didn't care enough about the characters to finish it. I loved the tutor character but I wasn't invested enough in anything else to finish it.

What did you read in May? How do you feel about giving up on books you don't enjoy? Let me know!

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