Friday, 12 May 2017

The Graces

After abandoning my previous two reads, I instantly sank into The Graces like I was wrapping myself in a comfort blanket. From the start, it reminded me of the books I sought out in my teens: magical with complicated friendships and brilliant twists. I loved the characters and their stories, the setting, the secrets and the magic.

The writing is wonderful. The characterisation and setting are magical. This extract summaries the novel well: the obsession with light and darkness, the complexity of their friendships and the escape they are all looking for.

Everyone thinks the Graces are witches. River is new to town and is smitten with them: she wants to be one of them. When she forms a close friendship with Summer, we discover that nothing is what it seems in this story and noone is who we think they are. The story takes a very dark twist and ends in a way that sets up the next novel in the series brilliantly:

I loved this one so much I sleep-ordered the sequel! Don't tell Husband!

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