Friday, 5 May 2017

Shiny New Preciouses

Two hours to kill in close proximity to Waterstones. What to do? I went shopping. Obviously. This is my haul!

David Owen : The Fallen Children

This book has been all over my Twitter feed lately. Everyone seems so excited and desperate to get their hands on their favourite colour or number (did I mention there are 360 different coloured covers?) I checked it out and they had my favourite colour in store (for those interested, that's deep purple, number 91/360). Good luck? Fate? Call it what you will. I call it mine. All mine. And it's beautiful: I-can't-stop-looking-at-it beautiful.

Jay Asher: Thirteen Reasons Why

I've heard so many things about the TV adaptation of this lately; how it is harmful, triggering and glamorises suicide without addressing mental health issues. Overwhelmingly, the feedback I've seen is 'read the book and don't watch the series'. Mental health issues are something I'm interested in (I plan to write more about this in future), and the controversy around this book and its themes is what led me to pick it up.

Karen Gregory: Countless

At the risk of sounding strange, I have a soft spot for stories about eating disorders. In my final year of my literature degree, I studied the boundaries of children's literature, developed a passion for boundary-pushing young adult books, and wrote one of my final essays on the portrayal of eating disorders in young adult literature. This fascination has never left me (and I graduated longer ago than I care to admit). So, when I heard about this book, I knew I had to have it.

Cat Clarke: Girlhood

I heard about this book over on Grace Latter's blog and I knew straight away I needed to read everything this author has to offer (big thanks to Grace for introducing me to this author and letting me link to her blog).  I poured over everything Cat Clark they had in store and had to restrain myself from taking home the entire back catalogue. I chose Girlhood. The blurb makes it sound amazing (as does Grace's blog), and the cover is stunning. Look at it. Look. At. It.

I can't wait to read these books and wish I had several heads so I could read them all immediately.

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