Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Doing It

I'm almost certainly not the target audience for this book (being 32 and married with a child), so why did I listen to it? Because everyone on my Twitter feed was raving about it and I don't like to be left out, and it sounded like the kind of book everyone should read/hear.

I listened to this on audiobook, expertly narrated by the author herself. Listening to Hannah narrate it was brilliant, the only thing I missed out by not having the paper book were some amazing sounding drawings of body parts. I'm not ruling out finding a copy of the book just to see those.

Highlights for me were: 

• The Wormtail Test, where she asks readers (listeners) to consider whether things would still be romantic if Wormtail (from Harry Potter books) did them. For me the answer is always a very emphatic hell no <shudder>, and therefore, nothing will ever be romantic ever, ever again. Thanks for that Hannah!
• Her inclusion of real life experiences from her friends about various subjects (including gender and LGBTQ+) throughout the book. I loved that Hannah did this in areas where someone else had a different perspective / expertise.
• The legal perspective on sexual issues, something I was far less knowledgeable than I should have been.

It is a brilliant book, and I loved listening to Hannah read it. It's the kind of book everyone should read. Read it. Or listen to it

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